Taxi Passenger in Trending Video Apologizes to Driver for Insulting Him

An apologetic Kenyan woman, who was caught on video hurling insults at a taxi driver, has expressed remorse for her behavior.

The incident gained widespread attention on social media after a video capturing the woman berating a driver who was attempting to take her home went viral.

The driver, identified as Derrick Mbugua, was going about his usual work when he received a ride request from a person named Brian. Upon reaching the pickup location, he found an extremely intoxicated woman. After some inquiry, he realized that she was the passenger he was supposed to transport home.

Derrick Mbugua contacted the woman’s mother to inform her about her daughter’s condition. The mother instructed him to take her home, assuring him that she would settle the payment upon arrival.

However, the ride didn’t go as smoothly as Derrick had anticipated. The woman began screaming, insisting that she wanted to get off the taxi. The driver, determined to fulfill his responsibility of taking her to her mother’s house, stood his ground.

During the journey, the woman accused Derrick of being a rapist and threatened to attract public attention and incite an attack against him. Concerned for his safety, the driver decided to record the encounter as a precaution.

The insults escalated, with the woman involving Derrick’s family and boasting about her affluent parents, claiming that they would believe anything she told them.

Derrick managed to drive the woman close to her mother’s residence and recorded a brief video to provide evidence that she was in her mother’s care.

Subsequently, he shared the video on social media, which displeased the woman’s parents, as it exposed her actions. In an effort to present her side of the story, the woman reached out to media personality Oga Obinna.

Oga Obinna organized a meeting between the two on his show, and the woman finally expressed remorse for her misconduct and the mistreatment she subjected the driver to, despite his efforts to safely transport her home.

“I deeply regret my actions and I apologize to him. I am grateful that he took me home, and the video recording made me realize that alcohol is not suitable for me,” she admitted.

Derrick emotionally revealed that he was deeply hurt by the insults but maintained his composure to avoid landing himself in trouble.

“I couldn’t abandon her by the roadside as she requested. I had the responsibility to take her home, and her family was waiting for her. Furthermore, if I hadn’t recorded the video, she could have falsely accused me of rape and assault. I would be in prison right now, regardless of my innocence,” he shared.

He urged men to refrain from resorting to violence as a means of resolving conflicts, emphasizing that a minor altercation could easily lead to long-term consequences such as imprisonment.