”Brothers Za King Roso Wanateseka Huko Mombasa” Peter Kioi Exposes King Roso as He Reveals His Identity.

King Roso has recently been a prominent figure in the public eye due to his generous act of fully funding Brian Chira’s funeral. According to Baba Talisha, he donated Ksh. 850,000 for the cause, although there is no concrete evidence of Roso’s contribution.

However, as the saying goes, secrets are seldom kept between two people. Tiktoker Peter Kioi decided to disclose King Roso’s true identity during a TikTok live session that garnered over 20,000 viewers. Peter claimed to personally know Roso and revealed that his real name is Omar Ahmed. He further disclosed that Roso resides in Dubai but hails from Mombasa, Kenya. Peter even went as far as stating that he possesses photos of Roso and his entire family, which he intends to release soon. Additionally, he highlighted the dire living conditions of Roso’s brothers while Roso himself indulges in lavish gifting on TikTok.

Accusations against Roso didn’t stop there. Peter accused him of being involved in fraudulent activities, citing instances where Roso allegedly promised financial assistance to individuals but failed to deliver. This casts doubt on whether Roso actually fulfilled his pledge to contribute to Chira’s burial expenses.

Unwavering in his stance, Peter declared that he possesses substantial evidence and is unafraid of any attempts to silence him. He expressed his determination to unveil the truth about King Roso and make the Kenyan public aware of his actions.