CS Magoha dismissed my son from UoN - Atwoli -

CS Magoha dismissed my son from UoN – Atwoli

On Thursday, COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli remembered the late Professor George Magoha as a man who stood firm in his decisions. Speaking at Magoha’s residence in Nairobi, Atwoli shared a personal story of when his son was dismissed from the University of Nairobi while Magoha was serving as the university’s Vice Chancellor.

“He was a serious man and indeed very serious because he called me one day and told me I don’t want your son in my university anymore,” said Atwoli, who had come to offer condolences to the family. Despite Atwoli’s efforts to negotiate and use his influence, Magoha’s decision remained unchanged. The reason for his son’s dismissal was not disclosed.

Atwoli also emphasized Magoha’s integrity, describing him as incorruptible and unyielding. He stated, “We, in the World of work know who is corrupt and who is not because we are represented everywhere. Nobody will come here and say I bribed him to do for me this and that. He will be buried without even a shilling stolen from anyone.” The late Professor George Magoha’s legacy as a man of principles and integrity will be remembered by those who knew him.