“I busted my husband sleeping with another woman in our house”- Justina Syokau Reveals.

Twendi Twendi hitmaker, Justina Syokau has come out to reveal the heartaches she went through in a toxic marriage.

She revealed that she has been single for 8 years after her husband abused their marriage and his high levels of despicable acts.

Syokau said that she chose to stay in the marriage for fear of what people would say after the divorce hence subjecting her to emotional torture.

“I have been single for 8 years. When Covid-19 hit is when being single hit me, I never thought I would ever want to get married again. Getting divorced brought me stress because I did not know where to begin, It is God who gave me the strength to move on. I stayed because I am born again, I stayed because of what people would have said,” Justina said.

“He cheated with people who are close to me. The women would leave their bra and earrings on our matrimonial bed. When I asked about it he would tell me to go ask the people who sleep on that bed. There is a day I came out the house and people were looking at me funny.”

“I went to my neighbours house because I assumed nimevaa nguo vibaya only to find out my husband sleeping with another woman. He would disrespect me, take me to ushago and never send money, he would fill people in our home yet he never provided a dime,” she stated.