Meet the Photographer suspected to be ‘chewing’ Jackie Matubia -

Meet the Photographer suspected to be ‘chewing’ Jackie Matubia

The connection between Muma Pix and Jackie Matubia has been unveiled in the wake of a video that gained widespread attention, depicting them together in a bed setting.

Photographer Francis Mungai, popularly known as Muma Pix, has stepped forward to clarify the nature of his association with actress Jackie Matubia amidst the surge of speculative talk.

In an interview with a local media outlet on August 23, Muma Pix addressed the swirling rumors that had been circulating on social media. He underscored that his relationship with Jackie is grounded in friendship and professional collaboration.

The emergence of a video featuring Muma Pix and Jackie Matubia in a light-hearted interaction on a bed sparked further speculation regarding their bond.

The video captured a moment where Muma Pix playfully moved Jackie away while jesting about his hand feeling discomfort after she rested on it for an extended period.

This seemingly lighthearted exchange led online observers to deliberate on the nature of their connection.

Responding to the murmurs, Muma Pix acknowledged that his interactions with Jackie Matubia had developed over time into a genuine friendship. She had gradually become one of his favored clients, and their association had evolved from a professional partnership to a close friendship.

The origins of their collaboration can be traced back to either 2020 or 2021. Their journey commenced as a business endeavor but organically transformed into a deep-seated friendship.

Muma Pix expressed his perplexity at the misinterpretation of their innocent professional interactions.

He remarked, “This has been ongoing for about three years now. I first met Jackie in 2020 or 2021. She’s one of my favorite artists, and we ended up forging a strong friendship. I’m not sure why people are sensationalizing this. There’s really nothing going on; we’re just working together.”

He emphasized that their partnership revolves around content creation, a path that Jackie Matubia had encouraged him to explore.

Initially, Muma Pix had reservations about delving into content creation due to his private disposition. However, with Jackie’s encouragement, he ventured into this realm, discovering a passion for it and improving alongside the accomplished actress, who received the Actress Influencer of the Year Award at the Pulse Influencer Awards in 2022.

Muma Pix recounted, “She was the driving force behind my venture into content creation. It was something I initially hesitated about due to my naturally reserved nature. Yet, her role as an exceptional actress has also enhanced my skills as a content creator. I’ve found myself engaging in numerous content projects with her.”

He further mentioned, “I was present before their relationship became public, throughout its duration, and I remain a constant presence now. Whatever happened in her personal life is precisely that – personal. I find it intriguing that people are attempting to inflate a simple skit into something more significant. It has never been an issue. I am friends with both individuals. In fact, we’ve even collaborated on content together as a trio. If there were any problems, they would have surfaced a while ago.”

Regarding his own personal life, Muma Pix disclosed that his primary focus is currently centered on his professional work and aspirations. Until he achieves his ambitious objectives, he isn’t actively seeking a romantic relationship.