Tiktoker Brian Chira to be buried in His graduation gown on 26th March

TikTok luminary Brian Chira is set to be laid to rest on March 26, 2024. Baba Talisha, a close confidant of the late Chira, shared the details of his final rites with the TikTok community on Wednesday, March 20.

According to Baba Talisha, the burial ceremony will be held in Githunguri, Kiambu County, the hometown of Chira’s grandmother, where he will also be interred in her ancestral home.

“The burial is scheduled for March 26, and the funeral will take place in Githunguri, where his grandmother resides,” Baba Talisha disclosed.

In addition, Baba Talisha extended an invitation to those wishing to pay their respects to Chira in person. He encouraged individuals to convene at Kenyatta Funeral Home, emphasizing that there would be no opportunity for body viewing after Chira’s departure from the morgue.

Furthermore, it was revealed that Chira’s grandmother expressed her wish for him to be laid to rest in graduation attire. “Shosho requested that Chira be buried in a graduation gown. Chira was exceptionally bright in school,” Baba Talisha shared.

KRG Offers Financial Assistance for Funeral Expenses

Kenyan dancehall artiste KRG the Don has pledged to cover the funeral expenses for the late content creator. Speaking to a local blog on Sunday, March 17, KRG expressed his condolences to Chira’s friends and acknowledged the challenges they may be facing following his untimely passing.

“I understand it’s a difficult time, and his friends may be feeling lost. I want to offer my support,” KRG stated.

He reiterated his commitment to assisting during this challenging period, acknowledging the financial strain the family might be experiencing. “Considering Brian Chira’s orphan status, I want to extend my help where I can. I will arrange for the transfer of his body and cover the expenses for the casket,” KRG affirmed.

Body Transferred to Kenyatta University Funeral Home

Chira’s body was moved from the City Mortuary on Monday, March 18, 2024, and transferred to the Kenyatta University Funeral Home. A postmortem examination was conducted before the body was transferred to the mortuary for preservation in preparation for burial.

According to friends speaking to vloggers, the decision to move Chira’s body to the Kenyatta University mortuary was made because of its proximity to Githunguri, where he will be laid to rest.

Chira’s Tragic Demise

Authorities confirmed Chira’s passing, stating that he died from severe head injuries sustained in a hit-and-run incident. Prior to the accident, reports suggest that Chira had been ejected from a bar in the Gacharae area following a disturbance.

While riding his motorcycle home, he was struck by a speeding lorry near his destination. The lorry fled the scene after the collision.

Law enforcement swiftly responded, moving his body to the City Mortuary, where grieving fans and family members gathered for a final viewing.

Condolences poured in from various social media platforms, with many expressing their sympathy for the bereaved family. Fellow TikToker Nyako mourned his passing, emphasizing his impact on her life and urging followers to cherish their own journeys and final moments.

Chira had recently taken a break from social media, citing the need for self-improvement after a challenging period. In a previous statement, he assured fans of his well-being, stating, “I took a break from the chaos of the past year. I’m okay. Hang in there. Every day isn’t a trending day. I had to focus on myself, and now I feel better,” in a post on Instagram.