Tiktoker Frank Rahma Reveals His Kikuyu Wife Murugi Made Him Broke -

Tiktoker Frank Rahma Reveals His Kikuyu Wife Murugi Made Him Broke

Social media has been abuzz with discussions surrounding content creator Frank Knarf’s recent revelation about his financial difficulties stemming from his three-year relationship with his Kikuyu wife, Murugi.

The enigmatic Belgian national took to his social media accounts to candidly discuss his financial predicament. In a video he shared, Frank expressed his dismay at his current financial struggles, despite his relatively brief time with his Kikuyu spouse.

In the brief clip, which has been widely viewed, Frank appeared visibly melancholic. He skillfully conveyed his emotions by alternating between glancing forlornly away and directly into the camera, his hand supporting his head in contemplation.

“In the span of three years with a Kikuyu lady, I find myself in a state of complete financial depletion… A realization dawning upon me that my generosity was misplaced,” he candidly penned in the accompanying caption.

Upon the emergence of this post on Mpasho News, a significant portion of Kenyan netizens displayed minimal surprise at the unfolding events. To them, Frank’s predicament appeared unsurprising, given the preconceptions associated with his Kikuyu wife. Here is a selection of their responses:

  • Mercy Netia (@Mercy Netia): “Grateful that you’re still standing strong. Mountain ladies can be intimidating 🥺🥺🥺”
  • Maurize Baraza (@Maurize Baraza): “Kudos to the Kikuyu lady for her exceptional representation 😍😍😍”
  • Emma Jayden (@Emma Jayden): “Murugi, you’ve splendidly epitomized the legacy of the daughters of Mumbi.”
  • James Jymo (@James Jymo): “Our Kikuyu ladies are a blazing force 🔥🔥🔥🔥”
  • Princess Zaria (@Princess Zaria): “Gratitude for your continued voice and vitality. You could have been in a far worse scenario. But then again, why are there recurring issues with Kikuyu ladies?”

Frank and Murugi united in matrimony two years prior, in an intimate ceremony graced by a select gathering of close friends and family. This union bore fruit in the form of a daughter.

In a prior online post that surfaced amidst rumors of their separation, the Belgian national asserted his right to maintain numerous female relationships, with the proviso that he treat each partner with affection and respect. The TikTok luminary underscored his commitment to fulfill his duties, asserting that even if Murugi chose to depart, he would continue to provide for her.

In the earlier stages of this year, the affectionate couple confirmed their parting of ways, coinciding with Frank’s introduction of his second spouse, Rahma. Subsequently, he embarked on a journey to his native Belgium to reunite with his wife and children.

Exploring his decision further, the TikTok personality expounded on the contentment he bestowed upon his Kenyan wife, Murugi. This included the provision of a comfortable home, a vehicle, and all necessary amenities.