I caught my wife having sex with my neighbour’s husband

My name is Samuel and I a few months ago caught my wife rolling in the sheets with neighbour’s husband Mike. Mike’s wife was working in Bungoma and she only came home in Nairobi to see her husband during the weekends.

My wife was a housewife who could stay at home and look after our house and children. We were not particularly friends with our neighbour, Mike or his wife and we only said hello on meeting and it ended there. 4,500+ Black Couple Arguing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock | Couple talking, Black woman sad, Bad relationship

One morning, I asked my wife about some contacts that I wanted and she asked me to take it from her phone since she was busy cooking in the kitchen. On taking the phone, I looked for the number in call logs and I noticed a certain number saved ‘Mrs Mary’ was calling and texting every now and then.

I did not bother about the number as much since I thought she had gotten a new friend whose name was Mary. I picked the number that I wanted and saved it on my phone. Two days later, her phone rang when it was beside me in the bedroom and on checking, Mrs Mary was calling but I did not answer it.

My wife was still preparing breakfast and the number kept calling and calling. A message was then sent and on checking it, I was so flabbergasted to see ‘Mrs Mary’ texting very intimate details of my wife while saying ‘I miss you baby’.

I did not know much but I was sure-fire that the person texting was a man and not a woman. I thought of confronting of my wife but I thought that was a bad idea since I did not who the ‘Mrs Mary’ was.

My wife came in the bedroom and pretended to be shocked since Mrs Mary had called her and she had failed to pick. I jokingly asked her who the caller was and she lied to me that she was our son’s new teacher at school. She looked shivered when I asked her and I desperately wanted to know whom she was having an affair with. 4,500+ Black Couple Arguing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock | Couple talking, Black woman sad, Bad relationship

The next day, I went to work and told my workmate that my wife was cheating but I did not know who she was cheating with and where. That’s when my workmate told me he knew of a way to catch a cheating spouse.

“The only way to catch a partner is by visiting Doctor Mugwenu who is a traditional herbalist and can help you net a cheating lover,” my workmate said.

My desire to know who Mrs Mary was needed Doctor Mugwenu and I immediately asked for his number from my workmate. I called him on +254 740637248 where he asked me to meet him the next day so that I could tell him of my troubles.

I met him the next day and told him how I suspected my wife of infidelity and he assured he could net the two. He performed a couple of spells after which he told me that when my wife would have sex with the man, they would get stuck and I would find them red-handed.

Doctor Mugwenu’s spells worked speedily because a day after I had visited him, I caught my wife and the mysterious man whom she was rolling in the sheets with. I was sleeping and at around 12 am, I was awoken by screams and wails from my neighbours house.

I did not find my wife beside me in bed but on listening closer, I recognized the wail’s as my wife’s. I trembled as I rushed to the neighbour’s house only to find the two naked, under each other and stuck at the genitals. I was filled with fury that my wife had been sneaking to my neighbour’s house to have sex with Mike. Though I was mad, I decided to forgive her and Mike moved out of the apartments we were living in. We are now a happy couple. 7,900+ Black Women Arguing Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

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