Hii Imeenda! , I Call Him Daddy! Governor Oparanya’s Side Chick Clears The Air

Mary Kibeti has recently spoken out regarding the circulating pictures and the speculation surrounding her relationship with former Kakamega governor Wycliffe Oparanya.

In an interview with Tuko Media, Mary clarified that the leaked images were not released by her, hinting at potential legal action against the individual responsible.

When questioned about the criticism online, Mary asserted that Oparanya’s polygamous status is well-known, implying there is no cause for embarrassment. While she refrained from delving deeply into their relationship to safeguard the politician’s reputation, she vehemently denied being merely a “side chick.”

Mary opted not to discuss Oparanya’s other spouses but expressed respect for them. Emphasizing her desire for privacy, she stated her intention to remain aloof from social media.

Reports of the two seen returning from a vacation together surfaced recently.

The former governor responded to the situation while in Mombasa, acknowledging the authenticity of the images and expressing no qualms about them. He highlighted his visit to meet constituents and voiced bewilderment over the motives behind circulating innocuous pictures. He questioned whether capturing moments with loved ones should be deemed criminal. Moreover, he refuted claims of ill health and hospitalization, affirming his robust condition during his stay in Mombasa.