“Good men are not found in church ” Milly reveals how she met her hubby "Cousin Eater" Kabi Wajesus  -

“Good men are not found in church ” Milly reveals how she met her hubby “Cousin Eater” Kabi Wajesus 

Milly Wajesus, a popular content creator, recently shared some words of encouragement for women who are searching for love. In a post on social media, she warned women who have been told that good men are only found in the church. Milly stated that good men can be found in a secret place with God, and not necessarily in a church.

Milly also shared a brief account of her past experience with a man of God who played with her feelings. She expressed her disappointment with the character development that he put her through. Milly urged women to pray and seek God when the time comes to settle down. She emphasized the importance of being a woman who pleases God’s heart, and assured that He will fulfill their desires when the time is right.

In the same post, Milly’s husband Kabi asked her about her confession, wondering why she had not previously shared the truth about her former lover. Milly’s message highlights the importance of seeking God and His guidance when looking for love. It also serves as a reminder that good men can be found in unexpected places, and not just in religious institutions.

“Here’s the story, you told me you weren’t in a serious relationship, then you say you don’t know him 😮 I’m at the office come and talk,” Kabi posed.

Earlier in the interview Milly said that she met Kabi when she was still a student in high school.

“I met Kabi when I was in form two in high school and I was dating Kabi’s friend. We were happy at home and my boyfriend at the time said he had a friend who was a good photographer who could capture the moment. The photographer was Kabi,” said Milly.