Heavy rains and floods paralyze Nairobi city, death toll rises in the Country

In Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, vehicles found themselves immobilized as the relentless downpour and ensuing floods wreaked havoc across the country.

Since mid-March, the UN, referencing data from the Red Cross, has reported a grim toll: 35 lives lost and over 100,000 individuals affected by the deluge.

Residential areas of Nairobi became inundated as rivers breached their banks on Sunday evening, leaving motorists to navigate through the rising waters.

The government’s road agency issued a stern warning to Nairobi residents, advising them to steer clear of flooded highways, including the crucial route to Mombasa along the coast.

Urgent pleas were made to those residing along the Nairobi River, urging them to seek refuge in higher ground as a precautionary measure.

As of now, a staggering 40,265 people have been displaced across 21 counties out of Kenya’s 47, further exacerbating the crisis.

Reports of floods and mudslides have also emerged from western Kenya, amplifying the widespread devastation.

In the northern regions, an alarming incident occurred earlier this month when a passenger bus was swept away by floodwaters on a bridge, with 51 passengers narrowly rescued.

According to the Kenya Meteorological Service, the rainfall is anticipated to reach its peak this week, intensifying the already dire situation.