“I Love You, nitakupea Watoto”: Handsome Boy Ready To Sire Baby With Jackie Matubia

Kenyan comedian Handsome Boy has openly declared his profound affection for actress and online personality Jackie Matubia.

According to Handsome Boy, he possesses the intellect and qualities that Matubia seeks in a man with whom she could potentially share parenthood.

In a candid video shared on his social media page, Handsome Boy addressed Matubia directly, stating, “This message is for Jackie Matubia. I’ve heard that you’re looking for a man with brains to have a baby with. I’m here and ready for it. I love you; come for the pregnancy.”

This bold admission from Handsome Boy comes just a day after Matubia, in a widely circulated video, cautioned women against conceiving with men lacking intelligence.

In her video, Matubia subtly referenced her previous partner, Blessing Lung’aho, suggesting that things have not been smooth on her end either. She emphasized the importance of choosing partners wisely when deciding to have children, subtly alluding to her personal experiences.

Matubia has, on multiple occasions, hinted at the challenges of coparenting with Blessing, implying that he may be neglectful in his parental responsibilities.

“I will never comprehend how someone can bring children into this world and act as if they don’t exist every day. Honestly, I will never understand,” she once candidly shared on her social media threads.