Umetuangusha, huyo ni kama mamako”- Angry Kenyans Badly Blasts Dr. Kingori

“Umetuangusha, huyo ni kama mamako”- Angry Kenyans Badly Blasts Dr. Kingori.

Dr. King’ori of the Wicked Edition on NTV has come under fire after he appealed for help from his fans to help a lady who rescued him when he had nothing.

According to the comedian, the lady identified as Tiso offered to host him for over six months after his landlord kicked him out of his house.

His followers were however not pleased after King’ori asked them to help the lady secure a laundry job with some saying that his appeal was an insult insult to the lady who helped him when he had nothing.

“Around 11 years ago, while going through one of my lowest moments in life, this lady right here, Tiso, offered me a place to stay. For the over 6 months, she was very kind, never complained and was also one of the strongest believers in what I do,” the comedian said.

“She is one of the most hardworking people I know, mtu roho safi and very straight forward. Mambo bado haijamfungukia vile inafaa but maybe you can also help me be a Blessing in her life,” he added.

“Patieni Tiso ma job za cleaning, Laundry na basicaly anything that falls in the caregory ya domestic work,” he stated.


“Huyu madam ni testimony that there are good people in this world. Hii dunia yetu ya saa hii kupata mtu anakam through kwako na hata yeye hana! Uliskia wapi? May GOD Bless her, and you for any way that you may be a blessing in her life too. Yeye si mtu wa hand outs, muitie tu job.”

Kenyans responding to his appeal lashed at him saying that he should do better than beg from them seeing that he is in a much more better position to help the lady through his influence.

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