Andrew Kibe: Nataka Ruebaby, Akothee Only Impresses Wazungu Wazee ,Naeza Kuwa In-Law

In the ongoing feud between Kenyan content creator Andrew Kibe, currently based in the USA, and the renowned Kenyan singer and businesswoman, Esther Akoth, popularly known as Akothee, tensions continue to escalate.

Kibe remains incensed by Akothee’s recent public insult on her official Facebook page, where she disparaged him, alleging he has low libido and is merely a failure who fled from his problems in Kenya. Akothee’s scathing remarks severely tarnished Kibe’s reputation, utilizing a range of insults to portray him as unsuccessful.

Known for his straightforward approach, Andrew Kibe is unapologetic in his content creation, always expressing his unfiltered opinions. In response to Akothee’s verbal attacks, Kibe has chosen to communicate exclusively with Ruebaby, urging Akothee to pass her phone to Rue, as he finds her more impressive and shares a better connection with her.

Kibe further asserted that Akothee appeals only to elderly men aged 70 and above, humorously referring to them as Maumau fighters. According to him, these senior individuals are the ones who can relate well to Akothee and perceive her as knowledgeable. However, Kibe vehemently disagrees with this perspective.

In a surprising twist, Kibe announced the cancellation of his plans to return to Kenya to fulfill what he had previously claimed to be Akothee’s conjugal rights. Instead, he humorously stated that he would delegate the task to an individual known as ‘Mkenya Daima’ to handle Akothee adequately. The ongoing online feud between these two celebrities shows no signs of resolution in the near future.