“Hata Wewe Utakuwa Sidechick” Pritty Vishy Warns Stevo’s Wife After Discovering They Cheated On Her

During an interview with Mungai Eve, the 22-year-old expressed that Stevo appeared unaffected when she informed him about her decision to end their relationship due to his involvement with another partner.

On the other hand, Pritty Vishy mentioned that Grace had also been treated similarly.

“Jangili was cheating. They say that he told me, ‘You ugly face belongs to me alone, no one else,’ but that ugly face was also seeking someone else. You are there thinking you’re ugly. I only found out recently because someone told me, and I heard the way the lady was talking about how she was with Stevo even when he was with Pritty Vishy… I thought you were the side chick, the one who was helping ruin the marriage. That’s why when I wanted to leave, he was just rolling his eyes. But anyway, tit for tat, I was also a side chick, and you will be one too,” the aspiring rapper stated.

Pritty Vishy further mentioned that she had no prior knowledge of Grace. She only became aware of her existence when Stevo introduced her at his father’s funeral.

“She was pregnant, and they were posting about it. Is the pregnancy not growing? Does she have a dwarf’s pregnancy?” she jokingly remarked.

However, the reports about the pregnancy turned out to be false.

Additionally, Pritty Vishy claimed that Grace would not be capable of managing Stevo’s career because she lacked knowledge about the industry.

According to her, Grace would need up to two years to fully grasp the industry’s workings, and this would hinder Stevo’s progress.

“People are suggesting that Stevo should manage himself. But he can’t even speak up for himself. The first time I spoke up, the second time it was his wife. It’s evident that he can’t advocate for himself. Stevo can’t defend himself to a client and say, ‘I deserve Kshs50,000 because I can do this and that.’

“People are now saying that his wife should manage him. But she would struggle. The industry is not easy, and she has no knowledge of it. At least I have some understanding because I’ve been there. It would take her a year or two to gain that understanding, and it would slow down the artist because he needs to be out there, making moves and money. He solely relies on music and has no other job,” she emphasized.