Has Larry Madowo being chased out of Ntv`s Show The Trend

NTV show host Larry Madowo has announced that he is leaving his show
‘The Trend Live” that airs every Friday night on NTV

– While he did not announce where he would fly to next-pun intended- Madowo said that he had informed his team of his decision a fortnight ago

Eric omondi talks about new show check it out

– It is not yet known who will fill Madowo’s shoes although Hot 96’s Ciru Muriuki and Capital FM’s Anita Nderu are possible candidates
NTV’s Larry Madowo has announced and much to the heart-break of his fans, that he is leaving the Show
The trend which began years ago is a popular
show on NTV that airs every Friday night and has been a haven for music, art, food and fashion lovers.

 Its also understood that The Trend has come under pressure due to the coming up of Citizen Tv `s 10/10 Hosted by WRaburu

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