“Ilikuwa Tamu sana”: Justina syokau Comes Clear On Alleged 7-Hour Intimacy With Ex-husband

Controversial gospel singer Justina Syokau has recently addressed the controversy surrounding her alleged 7-hour encounter with her ex-husband. In an interview with Mideyah Digital Media, Syokau clarified that snippets of her previous interview were taken out of context, and she emphasized the importance of considering the full context.

According to Syokau, during her conversation with Oga Obinna, she was recounting a distressing incident involving her ex-husband, which occurred during a period of separation. She revealed that her ex-husband contacted her for a heartfelt discussion about their breakup, coinciding with her mother’s funeral arrangements. However, what transpired was not a consensual conversation but rather an unwelcome 7-hour encounter, which she described as rape.

“I endured 7 hours of agony. You all misunderstood. I was narrating how I was raped, but you fixated on the duration. You didn’t realize it was rape, not pleasure. There was no pleasure,” Syokau stated.

She further explained, “My husband called me to reconcile after our separation, and that turned into a rape from the heart. It was rape.”

In her previous interview with Oga Obinna, Syokau had disclosed an instance where her ex-husband had consumed Viagra, leading to a prolonged intimate encounter.

“My ex-husband nearly killed me. He engaged in intimacy for 7 hours. I suspect he used Viagra. I was shocked. I had never witnessed such endurance from him. He was excessively aroused,” Syokau recounted.

This experience left Syokau disturbed, and she expressed regret that her ex-husband resorted to such methods instead of seeking natural alternatives.

“If he had needed arousal, I would have provided it naturally. I would have aroused him orally,” she alleged.

Syokau’s revelations shed light on the distressing realities of intimate partner violence and the importance of understanding the full narrative before forming judgments.