Peter Miracle Baby Welcomes His Fifth Child

Peter Miracle Baby, a well-known Mugithi singer, and his girlfriend Carol Katrue recently welcomed their first child together. In September of last year, Carol hinted at her pregnancy by posting a photo of her baby bump, joking that it was the effects of cold weather.

The newborn is actually Miracle Baby’s fifth child, as he has four other children with four different women. In a previous interview with Willy M Tuva, Miracle Baby expressed his desire to have 17 children with various partners, as he believes no single person could handle birthing that many children alone.

One of Miracle Baby’s children was actually left on his doorstep in a basin, leading him to adopt the child. However, he also suspects that the child may be biologically his.

Unfortunately, two of Miracle Baby’s other baby mamas have accused him of being a neglectful and absent father. Tash Beiby, the first mother of his child, claimed that she received no help from Miracle Baby due to barriers created by his current girlfriend, and that he did not provide any financial support or proper communication. Mama Etana, the second mother of his child, also failed to receive any child support from Miracle Baby and was forced to raise her daughter alone.

Despite these issues, congratulations are in order for Peter Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue on the birth of their new child.