"Please Forgive Me" Emotional Alfred Keter Begs William Ruto to Stop Fighting Him -

“Please Forgive Me” Emotional Alfred Keter Begs William Ruto to Stop Fighting Him

In his move to solidify his home base on his party UDA party, William Ruto has asked his tribesmen to vote out all candidates vying on independent and other parties. The most mentioned leaders on his visit to the north rift are Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter.

In his response to the attacks and endorsement of his rival, Alfred Keter has begged the community and UDA party leader to forgive him. He said that the mistakes he is believed to have done in previous years were forgivable and like they forgave William Ruto’s fierce opponents like Boni Khalwale who brought impeachment motions against him.

While speaking at KASS FM on Tuesday morning, Keter said his differences with William Ruto were ideological and he has been supporting the UDA party and that explains why he registered with it before nominations.

“I want to ask the deputy president for forgiveness, William Ruto we have come from far with you and my mistakes are not as unforgivable. I believe just like you forgave those who brought an impeachment motion against you, you can forgive as well. Allow all those supporting you in the region to support you without killing them,” the emotional Keter said.

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