“Girls Will Want Money From You And Not Your Stupid Love” Diamond Advises Men

Tanzanian artist, Diamond Platnumz, has advised men to focus on making money if they want to attract women. According to him, money is the ultimate magnet for women, and not true love. He believes that women reveal their true colors when men fail to provide them with the things they are obsessed with. In a recent Instagram post, Diamond urged his male followers to work hard and secure the bag. He added that once a man has money, women will flock to him, regardless of whether he truly loves them or not.

Diamond’s advice comes hot on the heels of his ex-wife Zari Hassan’s controversial remarks about cheating for money. Zari advised women to cheat on their partners if they get a chance to do so for financial gain. She argued that men cheat for trivial things like big behinds, tongue rings, and brown thighs, so women should not feel guilty for cheating to secure their financial future. Her statement sparked outrage on social media, with many people accusing her of promoting infidelity and greed.

However, Zari later clarified her statement, saying that she did not encourage women to cheat on their partners. Instead, she meant that women should revenge on their unfaithful partners by cheating on them for financial gain. She argued that women always forgive their partners for cheating, but men do not reciprocate the same gesture. Therefore, if a woman has a chance to cheat on her man for financial benefits, she should take it and not feel guilty about it.

In conclusion, Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan’s statements about money and relationships have generated a lot of debate on social media. While Diamond believes that money is the ultimate magnet for women, Zari thinks that women should use their sexuality to secure their financial future. However, both statements have been met with mixed reactions, with some people agreeing with them and others condemning them. Ultimately, the decision to prioritize money or love in a relationship lies with individuals and their personal beliefs and values.