Man Seeks Help After Boss Gives Him Ksh 40k in Old Notes -

Man Seeks Help After Boss Gives Him Ksh 40k in Old Notes

A resident of Nairobi, named Samson Kipng’etich, finds himself in a challenging situation and is seeking assistance and guidance. His employer unexpectedly handed him a sum of KSh 40,000 in old currency notes, with the intention that Kipng’etich could use it for his personal advancement if he manages to convert it into the current currency.

Kipng’etich, who is currently completing an attachment at a company based in Nairobi, recently recounted his story to He narrated that a bundle of old banknotes, forgotten by his boss, was recently discovered. In an entrusted responsibility, Kipng’etich was given the task to exchange these old notes for newer ones.

Regrettably, he faced disappointment as he discovered that the Central Bank of Kenya no longer entertains the exchange of old currency notes. Frustrated by this predicament, he voiced, “I kindly ask your readers if they might have any suggestions on how I could possibly convert these notes, as the money would genuinely make a significant difference for me.”

Kipng’etich, previously a student at a Nairobi college prior to his attachment, now seeks counsel and solutions from the public. This unexpected circumstance has placed him in a situation where he aspires to transform these old notes into an avenue for personal growth, aligning with the encouragement of his employer.