“Thinking of dropping out”: Nuru Okanga begs help to pay Form One school fees

Numerous young boys and girls find themselves deprived of the opportunity to pursue their education due to financial constraints hindering the payment of school fees.

Among those facing this challenge is Nuru Okanga, a dedicated supporter of Raila Odinga, who recently embarked on his Form One journey. Nuru took to social media to share the hurdles he is encountering, contemplating the possibility of discontinuing his education owing to the inability to cover school fees.

In a plea for assistance, Nuru appealed to the public to support him by purchasing credits through the provided paybill number 158 158, with the account number being the donor’s phone number. Alongside this request, he posted a photo of himself donning his school uniform, yet his expression conveyed the evident distress caused by the financial burden he was facing.

The post garnered diverse reactions from social media users. Mc Fabby suggested a playful alteration of Nuru’s title, proposing “Miserable” instead of “Honorable,” while urging collective contributions. Bobby Misik humorously cautioned Nuru about his early mischievous behavior. On a more supportive note, Mary Rose Rose expressed admiration for Nuru’s dedication but questioned the appropriateness of relying on Kenyans to cover school fees, suggesting alternative sources of support such as seeking aid from influential figures like “Baba.”

Dennis Madeya referenced a statement from Ruto advocating for free education without students being sent home, emphasizing the need for accessible education. Amon Siret, however, criticized Nuru, accusing him of attempting to deceive the educated community and suggesting that he should not aspire to surpass his mentor. Betto Dennis Kiptoo drew parallels between Nuru and Raila Odinga, insinuating a potential similarity in their educational paths.

In essence, Nuru Okanga’s plea for financial support for his education has sparked a mix of reactions on social media, ranging from playful banter to more serious considerations about the appropriateness of seeking public assistance for school fees.