Georgina Njenga’s Alleged ex-boyfriend Requests a Reunion Weeks After Their Split With Tyler Mbaya

Georgina Njenga’s purported former partner seeks a reunion a few weeks following their separation from Tyler Mbaya.

The alleged boyfriend, who is also an emerging content creator, believes it is suitable to rekindle a connection with a former long-term companion.

Tyler Mbaya and Georgina went their separate ways following a series of allegations linking Baha to defrauding a Kenyan-American content creator. Prior to the unraveling of their relationship, Baha and Georgina had a child in common.

In the aftermath of their breakup, another dimension emerged, introducing a third individual into the narrative, identified as ‘Chosen Boy KE,’ also known as the ‘ficha simu guy.’

In a recent interview, Chosen Boy expresses a strong conviction that Georgina’s affections belong to him. The ambitious YouTuber fondly reminisces about his positive association with Georgina prior to Baha’s involvement.

“I held deep affection for Georgina, and that sentiment still holds true. Had it not been for Tyler Mbaya, our relationship would likely have remained steadfast,” remarked Chosen Boy.

Furthermore, he openly expresses his intention to initiate a DNA test to corroborate his suspicions regarding the possibility of paternity.

“Before parting ways with Georgina, I have my doubts about the child’s parentage. Given the interactions they’ve had, I can’t help but consider the child might be mine,” Chosen Boy added.

Chosen Boy believes that the present moment presents an opportune time to reunite with his cherished partner, Georgina Njenga, following their separation.