Drama as Kisii Family Of The Deceased Drops Coffin at a Restaurant Over Ksh 400K Debt -

Drama as Kisii Family Of The Deceased Drops Coffin at a Restaurant Over Ksh 400K Debt

Bondeni, Nakuru County witnessed a dramatic scene when the family of a deceased 63-year-old man dropped his coffin at a restaurant belonging to a man who owed him Ksh400,000. According to the deceased’s nephew, Benson Mobegi, the owner of the restaurant had borrowed the life savings of the deceased, who had saved the money for eight years under a table banking group. However, the debtor made multiple excuses when asked to repay the loan.

Mobegi stated that the businessman had given the deceased a motorbike, estimated to cost Ksh150,000, assuming it was brand new. Since the debtor had avoided them after the death of the deceased, Mobegi and his family members decided to leave the coffin at the restaurant. They did not demand the full amount but wanted the debtor to commit to settling the debt.

Mobegi further claimed that the debtor, who owned multiple cars and the restaurant business, did not contribute during the send-off fundraiser. The businessman allegedly fled to a nearby police station for refuge, while Mobegi and other family members went to record a statement and get him to submit a written commitment.

The area Nyumba Kumi Chairperson revealed that the businessman had a history of being a serial debtor, with several cases reported to him by locals. Some even hired goons to attack him, but he never learned.

Residents demanded that the businessman sell either one of his cars or parcels of land to service his debts or commit to paying them over time. Police officers arrived at the scene and cordoned off the business premises. An investigation was launched to verify the claims made by the deceased’s family.

Table banking is a popular savings and investment plan for bodaboda riders, with a group in Nanyuki purchasing land and building houses for themselves.