Fans Call Out Diana Marua for Leaving Her Baby in Hospital to Attend Akothee’s Wedding

Social media fans expressed their disapproval towards Diana Marua, a content creator and rapper, after she left her 5-month-old child Malaika Bahati in the hospital to attend Akothee’s wedding. Diana Marua defended her actions on Instagram, stating that she had to attend the wedding for her friends who needed her and left her child at the hospital where she had been for the past seven days. She added that she was about to start her night shift since she had been absent during the day to attend the wedding.

However, some fans felt that Diana should have left her baby at home and attended the wedding alone since her child needed her care. Other fans supported Diana’s decision and believed that she deserved a break since she was also human and needed some time off.

The situation has caused mixed reactions from fans, with some criticizing Diana for prioritizing the wedding over her child’s well-being, while others empathized with her and felt that she deserved a break. Baby Malaika’s health is paramount, and everyone wishes her a quick recovery.