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Nadia Mukami shares raw video giving birth to son.

Songstress Nadia Mukami is the new mum in town going by the name Mama Haseeb.

The new mum has been sharing her pregnancy journey and this time she has gone a notch higher by showing her fans how her birthing process went down.

Nadia shared a short clip on her son’s Instagram account revealing that she gave birth through CS surgery.

The short clip shows Nadia lying on an OR bed singing nimepata zawadi yangu then baby Haseeb’s cry is heard.

However, the video does not show much of the CS but we can clearly tell that Nadia and her boyfriend, Arrow Bow had it all documented.

The song had not been released before her baby was born so we can conclude that she is using the clip to push her new song.

The song is dedicated to her son who she says is a blessing.