Faith Kipyegon in tears as well-wisher gifts her dad brand new Toyota Probox

An Eldoret-based car dealer, Rana Auto Motors, has brought great joy to Faith Kipyegon, the 1500m champion, by presenting her father with a brand new Toyota Probox.

Despite her overwhelming emotions, Kipyegon managed to maintain composure as she graciously accepted the car on her father’s behalf. Expressing her surprise and gratitude, she shared her happiness and excitement about her father receiving this unexpected gift from the CEO of Rana Auto Motors. Kipyegon mentioned that she had intended to buy a car for her father and had expressed this desire at State House. Overwhelmed with emotions, she struggled to find the right words to express her appreciation for this generous gesture.

In addition to thanking the car dealership, Kipyegon acknowledged their congratulatory messages for her recent athletic achievements. She emphasized her commitment to working hard and surpassing any obstacles in her career. Expressing her heartfelt gratitude, Kipyegon promised to continue motivating young girls and youth worldwide, spreading the message that with determination and hard work, anything is possible.

A few days ago, President Ruto had rewarded Faith Kipyegon with several valuable gifts, including a house and Ksh.5 million in cash. Kipyegon revealed that she had pledged to gift her elderly father a new vehicle if she broke the world record. With the monetary prize from the government, she knew she could fulfill this promise.

Overflowing with gratitude towards the President, Kipyegon expressed her immense happiness and appreciation for the rewards she had received. She mentioned that she could now own a house in Nairobi and purchase a car for her father with the prize money. Tearfully sharing her emotions, she revealed that she had vowed to buy her father a car when she broke the world record, and now, she could fulfill that promise.

In an extraordinary feat, Kipyegon shattered two world records within a week at the Diamond League events held in Florence, Italy, and Paris, France. She achieved a remarkable time of 3:49.11 in the 1,500 meters and 14:05.20 in the 5,000 meters, solidifying her status as an exceptional athlete.