Ezekiel Mutua threatens to ban and arrest pastor Kanyari for his TikTok content

Pastor Victor Kanyari has recently found himself in the limelight for his provocative antics on TikTok, leaving Kenyans both entertained and bewildered by his latest content.

Kanyari’s willingness to push boundaries has sparked questions about the lengths he’ll go to for attention. Two particularly viral incidents have ignited heated debates.

In one instance during a church service, a female TikToker presented Kanyari with condoms, panty liners, and petroleum jelly, along with a declaration of love. While some applauded her boldness, others deemed it highly inappropriate for a religious setting.

Kanyari further stirred controversy with a bizarre “exorcism” attempt on a flamboyant gay TikToker named Mpenzi Chokuu. Kanyari’s “prayer” was a mix of religious pronouncements and military jargon, while Chokuu playfully danced. The spectacle amused some viewers but drew condemnation from others who found it disrespectful to religion.

These episodes highlight Kanyari’s talent for generating controversy, now amplified on the popular TikTok platform. Despite facing criticism, Kanyari insists his actions are not motivated by personal gain.

Calls to Ban Kanyari

In a recent video, MCSK boss Ezekiel Mutua announced in a forum that he plans to ban Kanyari from the platform, citing his increasing controversial behavior. Mutua also suggested that Kanyari should be arrested and jailed for these controversies.