Otile Brown Claps Back At Willy Paul’s Comparison Of Their Albums

Renowned Kenyan artist Otile Brown has fired back at Willy Paul following comparisons made between their recent album releases.

Willy Paul took a jab at Otile’s latest album, “Grace,” suggesting that it had fallen short in performance compared to his own album, “Beyond Gifted.” He pointed out that “Beyond Gifted” had garnered more streams than Otile’s March release.

“The album of the year has already reached 2.2 million streams on Boomplay Kenya alone. I hear others are at 1.9 million after 3 months, well, continue streaming my well-crafted English album,” Willy Paul asserted.

In response, Otile Brown shared an old interview clip with Massawe Japanni of Radio Jambo. In the video, the “Alivyonipenda” hitmaker confidently proclaimed himself as the best Kenya has to offer.

“Accept it, I am the cream of the crop, no kidding. Whether you deny it or acknowledge it… who else will provide you with these vibes? Some folks out there sit and ponder, ‘Oh, Otile, we want him gone,’ because they seek to convince themselves that I’m not exceptional. You get it? Because they’ve never encountered someone vibing like me,” he asserted in the video.

Otile also highlighted his prowess in songwriting, emphasizing that his music resonates across all sectors of society. “You witness the impact I have on society. I’m the artist a mother can enjoy with her children. That’s why I’m so cherished. I don’t just have fans; I have an army.”