“The gospel music industry in Kenya is fake!” Willy Pozee

Willy Paul has expressed no regrets about leaving the gospel music industry, claiming it is dominated by hypocritical individuals who pretend to do God’s work but are actually wolves in sheep’s clothing.

During an interview on the Mic Check podcast, Pozee revealed that he once experienced depression and sought help from his spiritual community, only to be ignored.

Willy Paul shares his reasons for currently abstaining from sex.

The singer stated that the very people he believed were dedicated to serving God were actually more interested in making money rather than practicing what they preached. Despite witnessing how online trolls were affecting him, these same people chose to antagonize him, which ultimately led to his decision to leave the gospel scene for secular music.

Why did he switch to the secular industry?
Pozee shared that Muthoni Drummer Queen and Nyashinski advised him to stay true to himself during this challenging time. Years later, he has fully embraced his secular persona, Bwana Mkunaji, and attributes his true self to the secular industry.