Kennedy Rapudo: Nilikuwa na Amberay ju ako na ‘ Nyash kubwa’, Ningempea Mimba Ya Pili.

Kennedy Rapudo, the fiancé and father of Amberay’s child, recently opened up to the public about the reasons behind his love for Amberay and their journey towards parenthood.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, Kennedy Rapudo candidly disclosed that he was the one who initially made the first move on Amberay. He recounted that he had approached Amberay on more than two occasions before finally securing the opportunity on the third attempt.

He explained that every time he tried to approach Amberay previously, she was already in a relationship. However, in 2022, his persistence paid off, and he was given the green light to date Amberay. It was at this point that he made the intentional decision to start a family with her.

Rapudo mentioned that it took him only four months to successfully get Amberay pregnant. He did this with full knowledge and intention, later convincing Amberay to keep the child while attributing it to divine will that they were meant to be a family.

When discussing the longevity of his relationship with Amberay, Rapudo attributed it to his authenticity. He emphasized that he never pretended or acted insincerely, unlike some of the men who had been in her life before. Alongside his admiration for Amberay’s personality, he expressed his fondness for her curvaceous body and captivating features.

He openly acknowledged her physical attributes, describing her as the woman of his dreams. Additionally, Rapudo revealed his desire to have two children with Amberay and emphasized that they plan to enjoy life to the fullest together. They view themselves as young and having plenty of time to savor their shared experiences, including partying and celebrating their life together.