“Natafuta Mature Man, I Have Been Dryspell For Years” Pritty Vishy Mother says

Pritty Vishy’s mother recently decided to share insights into her life and challenges during her five-year stay in Saudi Arabia as a househelp. In a candid question-and-answer session, she disclosed that her initial months in Saudi Arabia were incredibly challenging due to a significant language barrier. Her Arab employer struggled to comprehend both English and Swahili, while she, in turn, faced difficulties understanding the Arabic language.

The language barrier forced her to adopt a more humble demeanor and refrain from interacting with people as freely as she did back in Kenya. Another major hurdle she encountered was the strict adherence to the teachings of the Quran in Arab nations, particularly concerning conjugal rights. In Islamic tradition, intimacy is reserved exclusively for married individuals.

Throughout her five-year tenure in Saudi Arabia, Pritty Vishy’s mother endured a lack of conjugal rights, adhering to the cultural and religious norms of the region. Initially challenging, she adapted to this reality, and it eventually became a part of her life.

Despite the hardships faced, she now expresses a readiness to enter into marriage again. This time, she is seeking a mature partner, citing the lingering trauma from a previous toxic relationship. If she decides to give love another chance, she insists on a mature and understanding man.

Emphasizing her commitment to a new chapter in her life, Pritty Vishy’s mother declared that she has no intentions of returning to Saudi Arabia. She has returned to her home country, Kenya, with the determination to stay and build a life that includes the fulfillment of conjugal rights with a mature and supportive partner.