” Vaa Vizuri, When Meeting People’s Husband” Mungai Eve Bashed By Fans

It appears that Kenyan Instagram users are expressing dissatisfaction with Mungai Eve’s choice of attire. Eve has repeatedly found herself facing criticism from netizens due to her clothing choices.

In a recent post on his official Instagram page, Simon Kabu, the CEO of Bonfire Adventures, was seen enjoying a moment with Eve Mungai. The nature of their interaction appeared to be either a private meeting or a business-related encounter.

Eve is recognized as one of the influencers promoting Bonfire Adventures, having been sponsored by the company for various vacations, including a recent trip to Zanzibar.

However, the online community had much to say regarding Eve Mungai’s attire during this particular encounter. She was wearing a short dress that was deemed revealing. It was evident that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her choice of attire was deemed inappropriate for meeting someone like Kabu.

Netizens criticized Eve, advising her to show more respect when meeting individuals of Kabu’s stature, particularly someone’s husband. They suggested that she should opt for more modest clothing to appear presentable. While Eve is known for her fashion sense, netizens felt that her choice of outfit for meeting Kabu was embarrassing.