Lady Whose Father Threatened to Chase Her Away if She Is Not Married by December Begins Search for a Man to Marry

In an unexpected twist, a young woman has turned to social media in search of a husband after receiving an ultimatum from her father.

Known on TikTok as @toronto_k, she shared her predicament, revealing the intense pressure from her father, who lives in Abuja.

According to her posts, her father has threatened to disown her if she does not bring home a husband by December 2024. This ultimatum was issued after he discovered she had spent a night away from home, leading him to label her as wayward.

He expressed concerns that her behavior might damage his reputation and insisted she find a responsible man to marry.

This directive is particularly challenging for @toronto_k, as she recalls her father previously forbidding her from having a boyfriend until she turned 23. Now, at nearly 25, she struggles to reconcile his past restrictions with his current demands.

Determined to meet her father’s deadline, @toronto_k has earnestly begun searching for a potential husband through her social media platforms.

Her story has struck a chord with many, igniting discussions about parental pressure and societal expectations surrounding marriage.

Some users have shown support, while others have criticized her father’s approach, arguing that marriage should not be rushed or forced.

In her TikTok videos, @toronto_k has openly shared her journey, inviting potential suitors to reach out. She has also highlighted the emotional toll this situation has taken, as she navigates her father’s expectations alongside her own aspirations and timeline for marriage.