Nairobi Man Making Ksh 300K a Month for Showing Directions -

Nairobi Man Making Ksh 300K a Month for Showing Directions

For a fee, Michael Mureithi, who often goes by the name Jopinto, offers guidance to individuals in Nairobi who find themselves lost or uncertain about reaching various destinations.

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is renowned as the “city of opportunities,” attracting thousands of young people daily in pursuit of employment and the prospect of building bright futures. However, this isn’t always the reality for many Kenyans.

In a recent interview, Michael shared that his decision to establish a service providing directions in the city stemmed from his observation of the frequent need for guidance among the city’s residents and newcomers. He realized that this demand presented a unique business opportunity.

According to Jopinto, his motivation to start this enterprise was driven by the challenges of unemployment and the harsh economic conditions in Nairobi. He emphasized, “I have to take on this responsibility as it helps me meet my financial obligations.”

When discussing the performance of his business, Jopinto revealed that he serves an average of more than 100 customers each day. He charges KSh100 for giving directions and KSh150 for personally escorting customers to their desired destinations.

Based on a quick analysis of the numbers and the range of services requested by customers, Jopinto can earn as much as KSh10,000 or more on a successful day. Assuming he works seven days a week, this translates to a monthly income of at least KSh300,000.

This income surpasses what the majority of junior and mid-level employees in both the public and private sectors typically earn in a month.