Meet a beautiful lady who hasn’t taken a shower for one full year

The touching story of a young girl named Mary, who openly confessed on camera about her struggles with hearing voices she cannot see inside her head, has captured the attention of many and sparked a wave of empathy. This clip, widely circulated on TikTok, featured Mary, a homeless teenager, who bravely shared her experiences in an interview with an online news reporter.

Mary disclosed her heart-wrenching circumstances, revealing that she had not taken a bath for an entire year. In her own words, she expressed, “I can’t identify the people talking to me; I only hear unfamiliar voices. It’s been a year since I last bathed. I had to drop out of high school during my third year. I’m facing various challenges, and as far as accommodation goes, I’ve been sleeping under the open sky.”

Moved by Mary’s plight, a compassionate TikTok user known as @ikpabiawase shared the video on their platform, using their influence to call upon donors and individuals with kind hearts to extend their help to Mary during this difficult phase of her life.

This urgent plea for assistance aims to provide Mary with essential necessities, a safe place to stay, and an opportunity to resume her education.