‘Most broke women don’t believe they’re broke, they think they are dating the wrong guy’ – Muthoni Wa Mukiri says

Mindset coach and acclaimed author, Muthoni Wa Mukiri, champions a call to action for women to take control of their financial destinies, emphasizing the need to abandon the habit of blaming their male partners for their financial predicaments.

In the latest installment of Muthoni’s Mission on her YouTube channel, Muthoni delivered a powerful message, highlighting a pervasive tendency among women to resist acknowledging their financial challenges, often attributing their struggles to a perceived entitlement to a man’s wealth.

She observed that a significant number of women tend to point fingers at their choice of partners instead of taking responsibility for their own financial shortcomings. Muthoni challenged this mindset, urging women to embrace accountability and make significant strides in their financial independence.

“Bypassing the reality of being financially challenged, many women tend to attribute their struggles to being with the wrong partner. When will you take charge of your own life and how it appears? In 2024, let’s embrace maturity and financial empowerment, my sisters. The truth is, the financial struggle is yours to own,” Muthoni asserted.

Muthoni also expressed her disapproval of women resorting to hookup sites as a means to navigate from one married man to another instead of pursuing financial self-sufficiency. She voiced her disdain for those who complain about their boyfriends not providing financial support and those who believe their poverty stems from not having found a wealthy partner.

“Are you waiting for a savior to rescue you? Someone you met a few months ago, while in the meantime, engaging in questionable activities just to make ends meet? If you think your financial woes will vanish once you meet a wealthy man, think again. The real reason for your financial struggles is your own financial state. Let’s shift the focus from them to you,” she declared.

Additionally, Muthoni underscored the potential pitfalls of depending on a man to rescue a woman from financial ruin, cautioning that such a rescue could lead to a disempowering dynamic where the woman feels obligated to the man, possibly sacrificing her agency and autonomy.

“If someone comes into your life to rescue you, providing for you and you start perceiving them as the sole source of what you can’t provide for yourself, you risk treating them like a deity. This may result in relinquishing control over your body and actions. Therefore, it is crucial to build your financial independence,” Muthoni emphasized.