Amkeni Tukataftie Omosh- Manzi Wa Kibera Demands Her Sh 500 Donation From Omosh.

Fist rising socialite, Manzi Wa Kibera, just like every Kenyan is disappointed by Former Tahidi High Actor, Omosh.

The socialite on her Instagram account called out Omosh for trying to extort from Kenyans who came through for him previously.

“Personally, I sent Omosh 500 bob niko na Mpesa and I want it back.”

“I blessed that money, hoping it would help you. People like Jalang’o and Hon Alinur came through with shopping, a house, Omosh, you want to say that they are lying? Surely Omosh, just say the truth.”

“As Manzi wa Kibera and Kenyans at large, even those who contributed only 10 shillings, we are dissapointed, you have hurt us,” Said Manzi wa Kibera.

The former Tahidi High Actor had earlier on called on Kenyans of good will to come through for him seeing that the money he collected previously has been exhausted.

He said that people pledged money but never sent it to him adding that he only got less than a million which he used to settle his pilling debts.

Omosh called on Kenyans to help him purchase a camera, tripod and lighting equipments which he said will help him set up a mini studio and start earning.

In an interview on TV47, the actor revealed that as soon as his moment of fame ended, people turned their attention elsewhere.

“People pledged money that I have never received. I got less than a million which I used to settle my debts,” he stated.

“I am ready to work as a sweeper before I bounce back,” he said.

His pleas were however met with backlash from Kenyans led by Kiss FM presenter, Jalang’o who told Omosh to stop taking advantage of Kenyans.

Defending himself, he said that he only asked for help since it was his last line of defense.

“Kwani majam shida iko wapi? Mlicome through mkaniokolea keja ndio hii inasimama. Manze thanks a lot kwa kitu mlinifanyia. Kitu inaniwasha ni mnaniuliza mahali nilipelela pesa.”

“Nilikua na mashidda mingi sana lakini bado mashida haziishangi. Ndo maana nilikua nakushow kama unajiskia, si ati nilikua nalazimisha,” he said.