Abel Mutua parts ways with ‘Miss GT’ after 5 yrs in emotional video

Renowned actor, digital content creator, and film producer Abel Mutua recently made a surprising announcement, bidding farewell to his beloved white Mercedes Benz E 250, fondly known as ‘Miss GT’.

In an Instagram post, Mutua shared a video capturing the moment the sleek German machine was driven onto a transport lorry alongside other vehicles, including an Audi Q7. As the car departed, the iconic song “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth from the Fast Furious soundtrack played softly in the background, setting an emotional tone.

In a heartfelt caption, the former Tahidi High actor expressed gratitude for the five years of loyal service provided by Miss GT. Mutua reminisced about the unforgettable moments shared with his family and friends, attributing the initials GT to ‘God’s Time’.

“After five beautiful years, it’s time to say goodbye. This car has truly been one of the best we’ve ever had. It feels bittersweet, but change is inevitable,” reflected Mutua, a talented creative film director and producer.

He expressed his sincere hope that the next owner of Miss GT would cherish the vehicle and create their own remarkable experiences. “I pray Miss GT finds a beautiful home because she damn well deserves it,” added Mutua with a touch of humor.

Ending his post with a lighthearted question, Mutua asked his followers about the location for boarding matatus (public minibusses) or if the bus stop had changed, showcasing his signature wit.

His wife, Judith Nyawira, commented on the post, sharing her disbelief and acknowledging the difficulty of parting ways with Miss GT for the entire family.

The news of the car being sold came as a shock to many fans, especially since in a previous interview, Mutua had mentioned his intention to gift the car to his daughter, Miss Mumbua, upon her enrollment in university.

Although Mutua did not explicitly state the reason behind selling his cherished vehicle, speculations among fans suggest that the popular YouTuber may be preparing to upgrade to his dream car, the Mercedes Benz GLS.