Trio Mio Reveals He Splashed 80K On His Tattoo, Shares Details Of Course He Is Pursuing

Rapper Trio Mio has committed to adorning his body with an array of tattoos, acknowledging the addictive nature of these artworks, despite the discomfort experienced during the tattooing process….CONTINUE READING

Remarkably, Trio Mio chose not to consult his mother, who serves as both his mother and manager, when he opted for his initial tattoo in February 2023, right after completing high school. Reflecting on this decision in an interview with SPM Buzz, he recounted his mother’s reaction, stating, “She was like, is it real? Is it temporary?” Trio Mio expressed his intention to extend his tattoo coverage, starting with his entire arm and eventually progressing to other parts of his body.

Asserting the addictive quality of tattoos, he explained, “Lazima nichafue mwili yote. Hii kitu ni addictive. Inakaa drugs. Ni ngumu pia juu ni uchungu. Inabamba ukichora juu unajaza but ni uchungu utaitana.” When questioned about his decision to get a tattoo immediately after high school, he clarified that financial constraints and a desire for quality influenced his timing. He emphasized the importance of investing in a well-done tattoo rather than settling for a cheaper, inferior option, stating, “I didn’t want a substandard tattoo.”

Trio Mio disclosed the cost of the tattoo on his hand, revealing it amounted to 80,000 Kenyan Shillings. Defending the expense, he remarked, “It is not losing money; it is loving oneself. Love yourself first, then love other people.”

Simultaneously, he shared his current educational pursuits, disclosing that he is undertaking courses through YouTube. Dismissing the conventional path, he declared, “Siwezikudanya (nitasomea) engineer. Engineer ni wewe. Mimi vision yangu nataka kudeep into music business. Nataka kuwa graphic designer na hizo ni vitu zenye nalearn kila day. Nasomea YouTube university. Hio hata hakuna kugraduate, unaendelea kusoma mpaka iivane.”