Jimmy Wanjigi Blocked By Police Trying To Open ODM Office In Murang’a.

Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi has been blocked by Murang’a Police officers after trying to open ODM Party offices in the county.

According to reports, the businessman was blocked by officers who said that thed had not received details of the event and had not been informed by the party officials.

“We had issues with the plan. They had not notified us of their plan and when Wanjigi’s team came, we advised them to follow the process and that is where we left it,” Murang’a South Police boss, Alex Shikondi reportedly stated.

“We have a procedure of opening party offices, and we have made formal communication that all ODM party offices must be directly under the guidance of the secretariat since ODM is a party,” Mbadi stated.

Mbadi also went on to ccririsize Wanjigi for starting campaigns way too early adding that the move was not good for the Orange Democratic Movement party.