” kumbe Si Mcute, Ni Filters za iPhone ni Kienyeji Kama MIMI Tu!” Dem Wa FB Shocked After Meet Bahati In person.

Famous comedian and content creator, Dem Wa Facebook, caused a stir online recently when she candidly shared her observations about how some celebrities appear different in person compared to their social media personas.

Dem Wa Facebook didn’t hold back as she singled out various celebrities, but one that particularly surprised her was Kevin Bahati. Bahati, a beloved male celebrity in Kenya, has garnered significant attention from women despite being married.

Admitting that she, like many others, had harbored a significant crush on Bahati, Dem Wa Facebook confessed to admiring his Instagram pictures, which portrayed him as a charming man irresistible to any woman.

However, her long-awaited encounter with Bahati during a performance at a Jamhuri Day event shattered her illusions. She found him to be significantly less attractive in person compared to his carefully curated online image. This disconnect left her in disbelief, prompting her to repeatedly confirm his identity.

Dem Wa Facebook pointed out the significant role filters and iPhone cameras play in shaping the appearances of celebrities online. She noted that only a few, like Krg The Don, maintain authenticity between their social media presence and real-life appearance. According to her, Krg The Don’s charm transcends the digital realm.

Additionally, she commended Stivo Simple Boy for staying true to himself, noting that his appearance remains consistent whether on Instagram or in person. She attributed this to his use of a Neon Ray phone, which captures his genuine features without the embellishments of filters.