Pritty Vishy Addresses ex boyfriend Stevo Simple Boy On his Marriage Offer

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy has found himself in the limelight amidst swirling accusations involving his former partner, Pritty Vishy. The pair shared a romantic history predating Stevo’s rise to fame, but their relationship dissolved in early 2022.

Since then, Stevo has moved forward, tying the knot with a different woman, though his current whereabouts remain unconfirmed. Meanwhile, Vishy has hinted at being involved romantically, yet her present relationship status remains ambiguous.

Recently, Stevo made headlines with bold statements during an interview with Kenya Online Media. He laid out financial terms for reconciliation, stating, “If she wants us to reunite, she should bring half a million. For her desire for me to father her child, she should present 1 million. And if marriage is her aim, it’s going to take 2 million,” his words carrying an air of seriousness.

In response, Pritty Vishy issued a direct challenge, demanding that Stevo confront her face-to-face with his declarations. Her assertive stance suggests the potential for a heated confrontation between the two.

Pritty had previously affirmed her decision to part ways with Stevo, asserting that no amount of pleading would sway her towards reconciliation. Reports also suggested a disparity in their romantic involvement, with allegations surfacing that Stevo Simple Boy wished to abstain from intimacy until marriage, a stance allegedly not shared by the 21-year-old entertainer.