Doctors advise Raila to take some time off campaigns

Doctors advise Raila to take some time off campaigns

Since the event of the much-publicized Azimio la Umoja confrence on December 10, 2021, at Kasarani Stadium, Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) pioneer Raila Odinga has not been seen in serious political events.

It has now risen that Raila is getting some much needed time off politics following advice from the doctors.

Raila is said to be in Mombasa for a three-day vacation since Tuesday after he was encouraged to take a rest after conducting vigorous campaigns in the last few months.

In a meeting with a local publication, Raila uncovered that he is at the Coast and has not been holding any political rallies.

“I’m in Mombasa to rest for three days. I’ve not held any meeting today,” Raila told the publication.

“I was advised to rest after Kasarani. After the three days, I will talk to different people and groups,” he added.

The former Prime Minister, nonetheless, noted that whenever he is finished with his vacation, he will start the second phase of his campaigns.

He said he will set out on working on a national movement that will change the political and economical landscape of Kenya.