Samidoh: My salary goes TO Needy kids -

Samidoh: My salary goes TO Needy kids

Samuel Muchoki, also known as Samidoh, leads a double life as both an Administration Police (AP) officer and a talented musician. Despite the potential for a more lucrative career in music, he has chosen to remain in the police service to support the children he sponsors.

In a recent interview, Samidoh shared that a large portion of his salary goes towards paying the school fees for the vulnerable children he cares for at his former secondary school in Laikipia county. The singer revealed that he was inspired to give back to the community that partially raised him, and he wants to make a positive impact on the children’s lives.

The Mugiithi star also discussed the challenges of balancing his police duties with his music career. He explained that he works during the weekdays as an AP officer and performs during the weekends, much like any other talented individual in the police service. Samidoh pointed out that leaving his job, which he worked hard to secure, is a painful thought, especially considering the grueling recruitment process.

In conclusion, Samidoh is a true inspiration for combining his passions and giving back to his community. His dedication to both his music and police duties is admirable, and his selflessness in supporting the education of children in need is truly touching.