“Amelewa!” Shock Diamond Platnumz Staggers Wearing Boxers Only In The Streets

Diamond Platnumz has sparked a wave of excitement and speculation among his fan base with a recent video in which he emerges from a car in the middle of a street, donning minimal clothing.

The video, which Diamond shared on his Instagram account, took observers by surprise as he stepped out of the vehicle wearing nothing but blue boxer shorts, white sneakers, and blue goggles.

In the footage, Diamond appeared to be either slightly intoxicated or playfully feigning drunkenness as he exited the car and leaned on the door of a nearby parked vehicle for support.

The moment the video was uploaded to the superstar’s social media page, fans immediately flooded the comments section with their reactions and admiration for Diamond’s well-sculpted physique, particularly his chiseled six-pack abs.

However, there are those who argue that Diamond’s latest antics are a desperate ploy for attention, suggesting that his popularity is gradually waning.

Expressing their concerns, one fan named Simbeye writes, “Dear Tanzanians… Diamond Platnumz seems to thrive on drama. If anyone else had posted this, I might have believed it. His star is slowly but surely diminishing. He seems to create controversy just to keep people talking and then releases a new song. What a disappointing strategy, young king.”

Despite the mixed opinions, it is undeniable that female fans, in particular, were vocal about their admiration and appreciation for the artist’s physical appearance.

While some fans commented that Diamond appeared inebriated and wasted in the video, the overall response seemed to be a combination of awe, fascination, and disappointment in his attention-seeking behavior.