Why Wahu, Nameless wife has added so much weight(photos)

Singer Wahu Kagwi has recently posted photos on social media showing that she has gained a considerable amount of weight. While some people, particularly men, were understanding of her situation, some women body-shamed her. In response to the negative comments, Wahu explained on Facebook why she has gained so much weight.

In her post, Wahu stated that she had gained 22.5kgs, and that she tends to add weight when pregnant – during her previous pregnancy with Tumiso, she had added 27kgs. Despite being excited about her work, Wahu noticed that many people commented on her weight rather than her accomplishments, and unfortunately, many of these comments were made by women. However, the overwhelming majority of comments were positive, and even some of the body-shamers ended up deleting their comments.

Wahu thanked the people who left positive comments and pointed out that there is hope for a more positive social media environment. She also encouraged anyone who has been a victim of hate to not take the negativity to heart. Wahu made it clear that she was not posting her response because she was upset, but to raise awareness and encourage positivity.

In conclusion, Wahu explained that she gained weight due to her pregnancy, and despite some negative comments, she received an outpouring of positivity from social media users. She encouraged others to remain positive and not to let negativity affect them.