Meet Pregnant Akorino Teenager Dating Twins: “I Don’t Know Who Impregnated Me”

Identical Akorino twins stunned netizens after they claimed they are married to the same woman

Teddy and Peter uncovered their lover Emily is expectant and aren’t sure who between them is the real father of their unborn child.

“Wote wawili ni mabwana zangu. Nawapenda wote,” said Emily.

Their love began at a church service. The fair complexion beauty expressed they met at a church gathering and exchanged contacts with Peter who had no telephone and was using his sibling’s. At the point when asked who was liable for her pregnancy she said .

As is commonly said love is blind the two akorino twins said that they are married to one lady who is now pregnant .The girls does not know the pregnancy belongs to who since she sleeps with the two twins at the same time . She revealed that they share the same bed with the same twins .