Amount of Money Ferdinand Omanyala Received Despite Finishing 5th at Kip Keino Classic

Despite finishing fifth at the Kip Keino Classic, Ferdinand Omanyala, renowned as Africa’s fastest sprinter, is poised to receive a share of the prize money thanks to Absa Bank’s sponsorship of the event.

The competition, hosted at the Nyayo National Stadium, attracted throngs of spectators eager to witness Omanyala’s athletic prowess firsthand.

Omanyala’s performance, though falling short of securing a podium position, saw him clocking an impressive time of 10.03 seconds, amidst fierce competition from elite sprinters such as America’s Kenneth Bednarek, who clinched victory with a time of 9.91 seconds.

In accordance with World Athletics regulations, the top finishers in the core events will take home approximately sh 667,500 for first place, sh 400,500 for second place, and sh 267,000 for third place.

Athletes placing fourth, fifth, and sixth will receive around sh 186,900, sh 160,200, and sh 133,500 respectively. Seventh and eighth place finishers will be awarded sh 106,800 and sh 80,100.

Reflecting on his performance post-race, Omanyala articulated his lack of disappointment in failing to defend his title at the Kip Keino Classic after securing a fifth-place finish.

Omanyala elucidated that he and his team have adopted a novel strategy for the season, prioritizing gradual progress over immediate results, with a keen eye on success at the upcoming Olympics.

“We are approaching this season differently. I don’t want to peak too early; I don’t want to peak in March and then decline before August. So, we will ensure we rectify any shortcomings as we progress,” Omanyala remarked.

Acknowledging that the Kip Keino Classic marked his first 100m race in a considerable period, Omanyala emphasized the importance of assessing his current standing and maintaining momentum in the subsequent months, leading up to the Olympics.