CassyPool: I’m Ready To Marry Jackie Awinja as My Wife.

In a recent interview with Mungai Eve, CassyPool, a well-known Kenyan content creator and aspiring presidential candidate, made headlines by publicly expressing his admiration for Jackie Vickie, popularly known as Awinja Nyamwalo, a talented and humorous actress in Kenya. The revelation has sparked both fame and controversy surrounding CassyPool.

During the interview, CassyPool commended Awinja as one of the few actresses in the Kenyan entertainment industry who possesses the qualities of a suitable life partner and can maintain a lasting marriage. He went on to praise her submissive nature, stating that she appeals to the interests of many men.

Having personally interacted with Awinja, CassyPool described her as a well-mannered woman who encompasses all the attributes of an ideal wife. Inspired by this, he boldly declared his readiness to take Awinja as his second wife. CassyPool mentioned that he plans to discuss this matter with his current wife, coincidentally also named Jackie, and seek her consent in marrying a second wife. He expressed a strong desire for Awinja to fulfill the role of his wife, considering it a dream come true.

With sincerity and optimism, CassyPool intends to approach Awinja and explore the possibility of her accepting his proposal to become his second wife. This decision represents a significant step towards his personal fulfillment, and he eagerly awaits Awinja’s response.